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KOKOMO, Ind. — Indiana University Emergency Management and Continuity (IUEMC) and The Polis Center will host a public information session regarding a multi-hazard mitigation plan for the IU Kokomo campus from 11 a.m. to noon Tuesday, November 12, in the Main Building, Room 214.

IUEMC staff has teamed with The Polis Center at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis to develop a multi-hazard mitigation plan for IU Kokomo and other IU campuses as part of FEMA's Disaster-Resistant University initiative. Once the plans are completed, they will be submitted to FEMA for approval.

IUEMC and The Polis Center are interested in receiving public input on the plan. Anyone who has questions or would like to provide input should contact Ken Long, Emergency Management and Continuity, at 812-855-8941 (office), 812-272-7895 (cell) or

Indiana University Kokomo serves north central Indiana.

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KOKOMO, Ind. — Business students can gain advice and tips for beginning successful careers, at the Indiana University Kokomo Master of Business Administration Association's (M.B.A.A.) first-ever career preparation panel. The free event is set for 5 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, November 14, in the Kelley Student Center, Room 130.

Five volunteer panelists, all in successful business careers, will answer questions submitted by business students, and talk about interviews, finding a mentor, selecting a career path, and preparing a professional resumé, among other topics.

"This is a great opportunity for students to ask all the questions they have, and get answers from business executives," said Gabby VanAlstine, M.B.A.A. president. "The event will be student-centered, because we asked them to submit questions they wanted to be asked. We hope students will leave the event feeling more confident or better prepared to enter the workforce, and understand what it will take for them to get their foot in the door."

Panelists include John Sigler, Kokomo Grain; Donald Smith, First Farmer's Bank & Trust; Diana TenBrook, Solidarity Community Federal Credit Union; Travis Trott, Finish Master; and Paul Wyman, The Wyman Group, LLC.

For more information contact VanAlstine at

Indiana University Kokomo serves north central Indiana.

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KOKOMO, Ind. — An Indiana University Kokomo scholarship gives Amy McNew a second chance to fulfill her dream of working in health care.

Amy McNewAmy McNewMcNew, 36, received a $500 "Complete IU Kokomo" scholarship; available to students like her who left college a few credit hours short of graduation. She had been accepted into the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program three years ago, but back surgery left her with physical restrictions that made a career in nursing impossible.

By August 2014, she plans to have earned a Bachelor of General Studies degree, with a focus on science, which will prepare her for her chosen career as a patient case manager for a hospital or health care organization.

"The scholarship was the push I needed to get started in another direction," she said. "I earned my licensed practical nursing degree in my late 20s, and discovered a passion for taking care of people. Then, all of a sudden, it was gone. Now, I have a chance to use my desire to help patients, but in another way."

This is the second year IU Kokomo has offered the $500 scholarships. Andrea Vaughn, from Anderson, was the first to complete her degree with the scholarship in December 2012. She only needed one class to graduate.

The scholarships are available to people who have been out of college at least two semesters, live in north central Indiana, attended any IU campus within the last five years, and earned at least 90 credits with a 2.5 GPA.

Many of those eligible need just one or two classes to graduate, said Candy Thompson, director of general studies and distance education.

"Life just gets in the way of college for some people," Thompson said. "If they've already earned 90 credits, they've put substantial effort into their college education. We just want to offer a little push to get them back to finish it."

McNew, who lives in Kokomo, looks forward to working as a case manager, helping patients navigate the health care system, coordinating their care, and connecting them with community resources, as a support system.

"This will allow me to have patient contact, without being on the floor as a nurse," she said. "I can still help people, and be sure their needs are being met, which is what it's all about for me."

She is taking classes in philosophy, literature, psychology, and math during the fall 2013 semester, and is involved on campus as a writer for the student newspaper. She plans to take spring semester and summer school classes to finish her degree.

McNew finds she enjoys being a college student.

"I was more ready this time than I was when I was younger," she said, adding that she has more quiet study time with her stepchildren grown and on their own. Her son, a Kokomo High School freshman, shares her study time.

"He likes when we do homework together," she said. "He likes to ask me, 'How was your day, do you have any homework?' like I do with him."

The program is funded with a $30,000 grant from Complete College America, a national nonprofit organization that works with states to increase college completion. According to the Lumina Foundation, Indiana ranks 40th in the country in college degree attainment. The campus is also using the grant funding for degree mapping programs and three-year degree programs in education and business.

For more information about the scholarships, contact Thompson at 765-455-9406, or

Indiana University Kokomo serves north central Indiana.

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KOKOMO, Ind. — Indiana University Kokomo senior Tony Wood enhances his future employment prospects, with a job gained attending the campus' annual Job, Internship, Volunteer Extravaganza (JIVE).


"I went there last year looking for an internship, and left with a job," Wood, a business major, said. "I was pretty much hired on the spot. Now I have experience in selling situations, which will help me when I look for a marketing job after I graduate in May."

Wood has worked for Elite Marketing Interactions for the last year, sampling products ranging from food to fitness equipment.

He advises those attending the 2013 JIVE, set for 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, November 5, to dress in professional attire and bring up-to-date resumés, in order to be prepared for a similar opportunity.

"Some of these employers really are there to hire someone, so be prepared to be the best candidate," he said.

Juniors and seniors are encouraged to attend the event, in the Kelley Student Center Room 130 and Alumni Hall. Freshmen and sophomores are also welcome to get some job-seeking experience and to look for internship opportunities, according to Tracy Springer, manager of the Career and Accessibility Center.

"JIVE is an excellent opportunity for students to meet with prospective employers," she said. "Many of the 47 employers attending are looking for employees, as well as prospective interns or volunteers."

Some of the employers attending include the Kokomo Police Department, Community Howard Regional Health, Target Corporation, Regions Bank, and Chrysler LLC.

All booths will be marked with color-coded balloons, to let students know if that organization is hiring, seeking interns, or needs volunteers.

For more information about JIVE, including a complete list of organizations attending and tips for success at job fairs, go to the Career Services page at

Indiana University Kokomo serves north central Indiana.