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KOKOMO, Ind. — Indiana University Kokomo's Main Building will receive its first major renovations in nearly two decades, with $14 million in funding from the Indiana General Assembly.

Main BuildingMain BuildingInterim Chancellor Susan-Sciame Giesecke said the upgrades are critically needed on the building, which was the first on the Washington Street campus. It was built in 1965.

"These funds will ensure that our major classroom building is ready to support our continued growth," she said. "It will allow us not only to update windows and mechanical systems, but also to repurpose key academic areas to add a new mathematics lab, Mac lab, and new classrooms. I want to thank our local legislators, State Senators Jim Buck and Randy Head, as well as State Representatives Bill Friend, Mike Karickhoff, and Heath VanNatter, for their support of our campus during this past legislative session."

Faculty Senate President Chris Darr said faculty members are enthusiastic about the plans.

"We are excited about the renovations, and thrilled that the chancellor, the trustees, and the legislature have supported this project," he said. "These renovations will help create a better learning environment in our campus' original building."

Renovations will include upgrades to the heating and cooling systems and electrical systems for the entire building, along with installing more energy efficient windows and doors. It also will include asbestos removal and replacement of ceilings and fixtures where it is removed. The IU Board of Trustees approved the plans at its recent meeting.

John Sarber, director of physical facilities, anticipates that IU will assign architects and engineers to the project quickly.

"These are critically-needed renovations, and we are grateful for the support," he said.

Indiana University Kokomo serves north central Indiana.

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KOKOMO, Ind. — Indiana University Kokomo students will benefit for many years to come from two generous donations from Solidarity Community Federal Credit Union.

Solidarity establishes scholarshipJeff McComas, President and CEO of Solidarity Community Federal Credit Union, and Susan Sciame-Giesecke, Interim Chancellor of Indiana University Kokomo, sign a scholarship agreement.The local credit union, a long-time campus supporter, gave $25,000 to the Milt and Jean Cole Family Fitness and Wellness Center, and also established a $3,000 scholarship, to be given to an incoming freshman each year.

Interim Chancellor Susan Sciame-Giesecke accepted both gifts from Jeff McComas, president and CEO of Solidarity Community Federal Credit Union, and Diana Tenbrook, vice president of marketing.

"I can't thank Jeff and Diana enough for their support of the IU Kokomo campus," she said. "They are both great champions of education and student success. Solidarity's support of the Cole Fitness Center provides a much needed workout facility on campus, and the scholarship will make an IU Kokomo education affordable for new students for years to come. We also appreciate their ongoing support for our athletic programs. They came on board and believed in us from the beginning. They are one reason we were able to build a quality athletic program so quickly."

Solidarity has partnered with the campus on a wide variety of projects, including providing internships for students for the last three years, and mentoring members of the Enactus student organization. The credit union also has sponsored practice gear and printed schedules for Cougar Athletics, and supported the New Professionals Conference, the Dress for Success event, recycling projects, Microsoft Word training sessions, Homecoming and the Homecoming carnival, and kids' nights at volleyball and basketball games. Solidarity also provided $500 Escape Debt scholarships with Enactus.

"When I look at the long list of their contributions, it's hard to find a suitable way to say thank you," stated Sciame-Giesecke.

McComas is pleased to support the campus mission.

"Our philosophy is to be a viable partner to our community in every aspect — fiscally, socially, and emotionally," he said. "We truly want to commend IU Kokomo for offering an outstanding curriculum of degree programs. We look forward to a long and fulfilling partnership for many years to come."

The wellness and fitness center, scheduled to open in late summer, will be a 20,000 square-foot facility. Amenities include a jogging and walking track, cardio and strength training area, two multipurpose rooms, a health studies classroom, lockers rooms, and a reception area.

Indiana University Kokomo serves north central Indiana.

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KOKOMO, Ind. — Indiana University Kokomo hosted the IU Board of Trustees in its December meetings.

Susan Sciame-Giesecke's campus update to IU TrusteesIU President Michael A. McRobbie listens to Interim Chancellor Susan Sciame-Giesecke as she presents her update to the IU Trustees.Interim Chancellor Susan Sciame-Giesecke told the trustees and President Michael McRobbie that IU Kokomo is moving forward with its central mission of teaching and learning.

"Our faculty and staff have continued the momentum," she said. "We are focused on President McRobbie's challenge of improving degree completion and student retention."

She highlighted the Complete in Four program, designed to push students to graduate in four years, and changes in summer school, including addition of a Maymester, in which students can take one class in one month, to earn three credits. She also presented the junior mentoring program, which pairs third-year students with faculty in their major area, to discuss their future plans.

In addition, she talked about the campus' math readiness initiative with Kokomo High School, giving the math placement test to all 700 seniors, and then assisting high school teachers to make sure the students are ready for college math before they enroll.

In facilities news, she told the trustees the Milt and Jean Cole Family Wellness and Fitness Center is on track to open before the 2013-2-14 school year, and is eagerly anticipated by students.

"This will change the atmosphere on campus," she said. "Our students have asked for this facility for a long time, and they can't wait for it to open." A new outdoor courtyard will also open in the spring, replacing the space formerly used by the campus childcare center.

The next need will be renovations to the Main Building.

"This will have to be the chief focus for our campus for the next three years," she said. "It was built in the early 1960s, and nothing has been done to it since then."

Jeremy Gibson, student body president, and Christopher Darr, president of the faculty senate, also addressed the trustees.

Darr spoke about faculty salaries, and the need for equity among the campuses.

Gibson has seen great changes on campus in his four years as a student, and said the addition of 16 new majors, an athletics program, and the upcoming wellness and fitness center, have created a much-needed sense of community.

He said the missing piece to complete the community is student housing.

"Having student housing would give us a place for our international students, and allow us to expand those opportunities," he said. "It would also allow many of our students who now commute long distances to live here and be more a part of our campus."

Indiana University Kokomo serves north central Indiana.

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KOKOMO, Ind. — Economic development leaders in north central Indiana expect to combine efforts, as soon as March 2013, to attract business and industry to the area. This decision follows a series of meetings hosted by Indiana University Kokomo to work more closely as a region for economic progress.

Regional Planning Organization BreakfastInterim Chancellor Susan Sciame-Giesecke leads the meeting. See more photos.Interim Chancellor Susan Sciame-Giesecke recently facilitated the second meeting among county commissioners, county council members, mayors, and economic leaders in six counties, leading to agreement on a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.

The next step is for the county commissioners in Cass, Clinton, Fulton, Howard, Miami, and Tipton counties to approve the plan. After that, local economic development leaders will present the regional planning organization's bylaws, funding formula, and other foundations for approval.

IU Kokomo's participation is part of its mission to lead and support regional economic development.

"We're being pioneers here, to build opportunities for our region," Sciame-Giesecke said. "IU Kokomo will continue to be available through this process."

Jim Tidd, executive director of the Miami County Economic Development Authority, said all the counties will benefit from regional economic marketing. They have more access to federal and state grant money as a region, and benefits of development in one county are shared across county lines.

"We believe a project in one county benefits all the counties in the region," he said. "A regional planning organization is needed to take this region to the next level."

Connie Neininger, president of the Logansport Cass County Economic Development Foundation, said having a strategy and regional planning organization helps developers think outside their own county.

"It helps the whole community look beyond just today. It gives you a focus for growth."

Indiana University Kokomo serves north central Indiana.

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KOKOMO, Ind. — Indiana University Kokomo is partnering with area schools, business leaders, and Ivy Tech Community College to help reach the Indiana Commission for Higher Education's goal of 60 percent of state residents attaining post-secondary education.

Town Hall Meeting and ReceptionTeresa Lubbers speaks at the town hall meeting.

Teresa Lubbers, commissioner for higher education, said she was "very excited" about the collaboration she sees happening in Howard County, during a town hall meeting hosted by the local Coalition for College Success at IU Kokomo.

"It's clear there are active partnerships in place," she said. "We need K-12 schools, colleges, and business working together for our students to succeed."

Lubbers said it used to be a student could graduate from high school or not, and with a good work ethic and effort, live a secure, middle class lifestyle. Now, some kind of post-high school education is required.

Interim Chancellor Susan Sciame-Giesecke said the Kokomo community is very interested in its students' success, and has participated actively in initiatives to prepare students for college.

"I really believe it is our mission to take a leadership role in these collaborations to help our students succeed in post-secondary education," she said.

She said IU Kokomo is already actively working to promote graduating in four years, another mission supported by the state commissioner. She cited the Complete in Four program, which kicked off this fall with a goal of helping students map out a plan to take the classes they need to graduate on time.

"We understand the importance of knowing when they're going to graduate," Sciame-Giesecke said, "How can you reach a goal if you haven't defined the goal?"

She also talked about revamping summer school, to make it more a part of the school year, and plans to offer a Maymester, a four-week immersive learning experience. The campus also has a mentoring program with juniors and faculty, promoting conversations about the students' future plans, both for their last two years and after graduation.

"We keep trying to think of innovative ways to help our students achieve success," she said.

Pennye Siefert, assistant superintendent of the Kokomo-Center Schools, said IU Kokomo partnered with Kokomo High School to prepare students for college-level math. Campus staff administered a math placement test to more than 700 seniors, and results are being used to offer remediation to those who need help.

"If they aren't ready for college math, they have to take remedial classes in college," Siefert said. "That often results in defeat, as the students drop out. We believe this is one way we can make sure our students are prepared for college. We would like to expand this program to other areas."

Steven Daily, chancellor of Ivy Tech Region 5, said the partnership between the community college and IU Kokomo is critical, making it easier for students to continue past an associate's degree.

"We are continually working together to communicate to our students not only that they can move on, but they must move on," he said.

Lubbers said financial education will be a critical part of the equation, helping parents and students understand what it will cost to go to school, that they need to start saving early, and what impact borrowing will have on their futures. They also need to be prepared for college, so they don't drop out with debt and nothing to show for it.

Lubbers said plans must be in place to address the needs of adult returning students and children who are the first in their families to attend college, including those in the 21st Century Scholars program.

The state program provides tuition at a state public university to students who sign up in middle school, graduate with a 2.0 grade point average, and meet other requirements. She said most of these are first-generation college students, and they need support all the way to college graduation.

Currently, 33 percent of Indiana residents have a post-secondary degree, ranking the state 41st of 50. Lubber said it is no coincidence that Indiana also ranks 41st in per capita income.

"There needs to be a sense of urgency if we want Indiana to be the kind of place we want it to be," she said. "We need people with more of every kind of post-secondary education."

Indiana University Kokomo serves north central Indiana.

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KOKOMO, Ind. – Indiana University Kokomo continues its role as a key player in the economic well being of north central Indiana by hosting meetings for regional leaders seeking collaboration for growth in business and industry in the area.

Regional EventInterim Chancellor Susan Sciame-Giesecke speaks at regional event.

Interim Chancellor Susan Sciame-Giesecke recently facilitated a group of mayors, commissioners, and city and county council members to discuss the possibility of forming a Regional Planning Organization. The purpose of this group will be to "take this region to the next level", according to Jim Tidd, executive director of the Miami County Economic Development Authority.

"Indiana University Kokomo is committed to its regional campus mission to support the economic development of the region we serve," Sciame-Giesecke said. "Facilitating this initiative is a way for us to contribute to the creation of a regional organization. This meeting was a very good first step in this initiative. I look forward to our continued partnership."

Representatives from six counties – Howard, Cass, Clinton, Miami, Tipton, and Fulton – convened to share pros and cons of a regional effort, and plan to meet again on the IU Kokomo campus next month to consider setting a plan in motion.

David Terrell, executive director for the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs, said IU Kokomo as a convener of these meetings is incredibly important.

"More and more, we're relying on regional universities to step up. This helps move the community forward," Terrell said. "I'm thrilled this is happening, and that IU Kokomo is taking the lead."

County leaders expressed appreciation for campus administrators taking the initiative to encourage regional collaboration.

"I want to thank IU Kokomo for spear heading this effort," said Paul Wyman, Howard County Commissioner. "What happens in our region is very important for this community and for job creation. This is a big step forward in solving some of those issues."

Indiana University Kokomo serves north central Indiana.

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KOKOMO, Ind. — It's all about momentum, and Interim Chancellor Susan Sciame-Giesecke plans to keep Indiana University Kokomo moving full steam ahead.

Appointed to the position on September 19, Sciame-Giesecke's 35 years of drive, commitment, and dedication to the campus will only continue as she plans to focus on the most important mission – the students.

Interim Chancellor Susan Sciame-GieseckeInterim Chancellor Susan Sciame-Giesecke"We focus on the whole student; and providing outstanding educational programs and facilities, along with a memorable student life experience," she said. "I have a passion for the regional campus. Our graduates live and work in the region. Their lives are transformed by their educational opportunities at IU Kokomo."

Sciame-Giesecke began her career at IU Kokomo in 1977, as an assistant professor, and has advanced her career as a department chairwoman, dean, and vice chancellor. Most recently, she was executive vice chancellor for academic affairs and student affairs.

"Our accomplishments are the result of everyone's efforts on campus. I am blessed to work with such dedicated people."

One goal is to hire more faculty to address the recent enrollment growth of 12.1 percent for this fall semester.

"We've had so much growth; we need to add faculty," she said. "We will hire several brand-new positions, including history, health sciences, hospitality, tourism, biochemistry, and psychology. We are also leading the way in online education, with 11 faculty members currently developing new online courses."

Sciame-Giesecke anticipates adding more new degree programs, including the Bachelor of Applied Science.

Another important need on campus includes upgrades to the Main Building, built in 1965 and only minimally updated since then, which houses a large majority of classroom space. She also looks forward to the grand opening of the new wellness and fitness center next fall.

"This (Main Building) is a crisis-stage building," Sciame-Giesecke said. "The math labs, in particular, must be updated to current standards and to meet the needs of a much larger student population than we had when it was built. We are asking for support from the state Legislature to renovate and upgrade the Main Building."

In addition, she will continue providing economic leadership in the community.

"Transforming the region is a critical regional campus mission," she said. "We have been at this work, and that will not change."

Sciame-Giesecke helped facilitate the merger of nine economic development organizations in Kokomo into the Greater Kokomo Economic Development Alliance, and serves on that organization's board. She also led the Regional Leadership Institute initiative.

She will present her most recently published paper, on how to create a regional mindset, at the University Economic Development Association annual summit October 21-24 in Chattanooga, Tenn.

During her career, Sciame-Giesecke created the Center for Teaching and Learning, led the campus to a 10-year reaccreditation by the Higher Learning Commission, created a year-long freshman learning program, created an Office for Online Education, facilitated creation of a digital media lab in the library and a Mac lab in the main building, and implemented the Center for Research and Creative Activity to support an undergraduate research initiative. Currently, she is vice president of the Family Service Association of Howard County, a nonprofit that houses a domestic violence shelter and homeless veterans' housing complex.

With the high quality of faculty and staff committed to the mission of the campus, Sciame-Giesecke knows that IU Kokomo will continue to be a leader in higher education.

"We will continue to do remarkable things. The IU Kokomo community has been successful, and we will continue to be successful," she said. "When you put good people in place, good things happen."

Indiana University Kokomo serves north central Indiana.

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KOKOMO, Ind. -- Indiana University has announced that Michael Harris has resigned as chancellor of the Kokomo campus, effective immediately. Harris has been chancellor at IU Kokomo since July 1, 2010. Before coming to IU, he served as provost and vice president of academic affairs at Kettering University in Flint, Mich.

SealHarris indicated to IU officials that he was proud of his accomplishments at IU Kokomo but felt that the time had come for him to seek new challenges at another institution.

"Having accomplished a variety of goals at IU Kokomo, I have made a personal decision to seek new opportunities," Harris said.

Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie stated in accepting Harris' resignation, "We are grateful for the energy and enthusiasm that Chancellor Harris brought to IU Kokomo, and we wish him well in his future endeavors."

Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Sue Sciame-Giesecke has been named to serve as interim chancellor until a permanent chancellor is appointed.

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KOKOMO, Ind - The City of Kokomo congratulates Indiana University Kokomo on its record breaking enrollment increase and the impact that it has on the community. Indiana University Kokomo released that their fall enrollment peaked at 3,719 which is up 12.1 percent from last year.

"We are grateful to Indiana University Kokomo and Chancellor Harris for what they mean to Kokomo," said Mayor Greg Goodnight. "The degrees and programs opportunities they offer will continue to grow their campus and positively impact our community."

Indiana University has had a campus in Kokomo for 67 years. They now offer nearly 70 undergraduate and graduate diverse programs in small class sizes, online classes and the big campus feel.

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June/July On the Move News

As we prepare for the upcoming Fall Semester and the start of a new academic year, I am writing to wish us all, faculty, staff and students yet another year of exceptional personal success grounded in and unified with the IU Kokomo experience, growth, and success. As I look back, it is hard not to be immensely appreciative and thankful for the great achievements we have experienced. We all have worked very hard and the results speak for themselves. In this edition of On the Move News, I have the wonderful opportunity to highlight the great success we as scholars have achieved. The nation and region continue to face financial turmoil, yet I am delighted to share that IU Kokomo is making a significant contribution to the region and the state, as we continue to strive towards our three themes of Academic Excellence and Student Success, Building Relationships and Making Friends and Transforming the Region. Today’s convocation was a world-class experience, a record 200 faculty and staff attended in what was a very informative and uplifting experience. As the summer comes to an end, I wish you all a phenomenal year. Together, the future is in abundance.

Enrollment Update

IU Kokomo is On the Move! Significant tuition discounts, together with efforts to encourage timely degree completion and a wide variety of classes offered, led to record-breaking Summer Enrollment! With President McRobbie's 25% summer initiative tuition discount, IU Kokomo students who took a full academic load during the summer sessions saved about $700! We experienced a record enrollment growth of 8 percent from the 2011 summer session, and an increase in credit hours of 15 percent! Thank you to all of the faculty, staff and advisors who have worked hard to emphasize the value of year-round college attendance and continue to encourage students to earn their degrees in four years or less. In an effort to further benefit our students and continue academic success, we plan to enhance next year's summer program by adding a four-week "Maymester" which will allow students the opportunity to learn through engaging projects, community service and both national and international travel.

I am delighted to share that we have achieved an all time student record in enrollment, breaking the previous record of 3523 students’ in 1992! Congratulations to everyone for making the invisible a reality!

New Program and Structural Changes

We are responding to rapid increases in the number of degree programs and student enrollment with changes designed to manage growth and provide world-class education. To better facilitate academic excellence and student success, some of the majors within the School of Public and Environmental Affairs have been reorganized. The new School of Humanities and Social Sciences now includes the criminal justice and homeland securities programs. Former SMI department transitioned into the School of Sciences. In addition, the public affairs program, renamed the Department of Public Administration and Health Management, is now part of the Division of Allied Health. With the upcoming Wellness and Fitness center we are committed to growing our programs in the Allied Health fields now more than ever.

IU Kokomo soon will add another degree option for history and political science – boosting careers in secondary education and enhancing preparation for graduate school. On June 22, the IU Board of Trustees approved the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in History/Political Science! It is estimated about one-third of secondary education majors focusing on social studies will enroll in the new program. In addition to graduate school or teaching careers, graduates can work in criminal justice, public service and other fields.

The travel and tourism industry has the greatest potential for growth of any industry in the world, accounting for 8 percent of all jobs, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council. I am delighted to share that Indiana University Kokomo will break into this emerging market with our new Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism, following final approval from the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. This degree option continues our commitment of transforming the region by assessing need and demand as well as offering relevant new programs. Graduates of this degree program will be the future leaders and planners for convention centers, hotels, restaurants, and travel agencies.

As members of the newly-formed Howard County College Success Coalition, we are building community partnerships to educate area families about the need to attend college. With a goal of educating high school students and their parents about the necessity and affordability of post-secondary education, the Coalition hosted a breakfast meeting on Wednesday, June 13, at Inventrek for interested community members to join the effort and learn more. The Coalition seeks community support to reach families, asking schools, faith-based organizations, youth service groups, service clubs, business owners, government agencies and libraries to participate. Thank you Tyana and the entire admissions team for your great efforts!

It's not too late to be an Indiana University Kokomo student for the fall semester! Potential students may apply for admission for the fall semester which begins Monday, Aug. 20. We will waive the application fee and offer a free gift for 2012 Ivy Tech Community College graduates who apply in person in the Office of Admissions. Our relationship with Ivy Tech is now stronger than ever before, helping students create a plan for seamless transfer after earning a two-year degree. For more information, go to, or call 765-455-9217.

A new year and a new Bulletin! We have drastically changed the look of the Bulletin and the new face-lift allows for easier navigation of the Bulletin along with adding quicker and easier access to IU Kokomo’s main web pages. The catalog has also become an annual publication, allowing changes to programs and courses to occur more quickly.

The Change to Education program (C2E) at Indiana University Kokomo provides an opportunity to anyone with a bachelor's degree to earn a teaching license in less than two years. This fall semester, the School of Education will launch the C2E, a 24-credit hour plan that leads to teaching licensure in grades 5 through 12, in one of four content areas – math, science, social studies, and english/language arts. The program consists of two semesters, plus a summer session, of education-related coursework, which will be delivered in seminar format and online. This is followed by one semester of student teaching.

Campus Development

Campus beautification efforts continues with amazing flowers, renovations to the stairways in the main building, replaced cracked sidewalks, and the cleaning of the exterior walls of the Kelley Center. Thank you to everyone for your efforts in making this a beautiful campus.

The former Daycare rooms have been renovated to now be used for working out, ping pong and other games, student meetings and studying, a student lounge and athletics laundry room and storage. Phase 2 of this project will be to construct a new patio complete with tables and other seating where the old playground used to be. We will also landscape this area to mirror the current park-like atmosphere of the quad. This will be a beautiful space for our students, and further enhance the beautification of the campus.

Media and Marketing

With the ongoing shift towards social media, our Media and Marketing department recently released a social media and web statistics report for June. I am delighted to share that the IU Kokomo webpage was viewed more than 46,000 times! Our Flickr account was viewed 33,000 times, and we received 1,151 likes on Facebook. As a result of the hard work of everyone on campus, we received 51 Google Alerts. Thank you Media and Marketing for collecting this valuable data!


Cougar sports fans won't have to miss one second of the action this season, with the launch of our new athletics website. The upgrades allow for more interaction with students and, include schedules for women's volleyball, men's and women's cross country, and men's basketball, as well as stats for players and teams. It also includes interactive features, such as an opt-in texting service for breaking news alerts and links to social media sites. When teams play away games, there will be links to radio and/or television broadcasts. In addition, the site features videos and pictures from games and community service projects. Visit today. Go Cougars!

Nursing and athletics joined forces on June 30, when physicals for our student athletes were provided by Dr. Ryan Trauring, three members of our nursing faculty, and three staff members of Replay. Following the physicals was the Athletic Orientation in which many new cross country athletes were signed.

On Saturday, June 16, members of the Cougar men’s basketball team volunteered their time to assist Kokomo’s Habitat for Humanity in building the chapter’s 50th home in Kokomo. The team assisted in this milestone build by preparing the ground for trenching for the electrical lines, hanging drywall and moving over 40 bundles of shingles to the roof … all in over 90 degree heat! The team represented IU Kokomo with enthusiasm and integrity, and the Kokomo Habitat for Humanity was very grateful for their help. Thank you Cougars!

Inspire Power Campaign

The Indiana University Board of Trustees approved the official name for the IU Kokomo wellness and fitness center, set to open next summer. The "Milt and Jean Cole Family Wellness and Fitness Center", will house a jogging and walking track, cardio and strength training area, two multipurpose rooms, a health studies classroom, locker rooms, and a reception area. The name honors the $1.25 million gift the Cole family donated for the center, to be constructed in the lower level of the library. This is the largest cash gift in campus history. In addition to Milt and Jean Cole, the family includes Keith and Carmella Cole, and Randy and Candy Cole. They are owners of Cole Hardwood in Logansport. Construction on the 20,500-square-foot facility will begin later this year, with a grand opening in July or August of 2013. The new center will allow opportunities to offer additional allied health majors – such as sports medicine and athletic training – and provide year-round training space for athletes.

We have been recognized for making significant contributions to the well-being and prosperity of north central Indiana. Continuing this movement, we now focus on launching the public phase of the “Inspire Power” campaign to raise $2.5 million for the Milt and Jean Cole Family Wellness and Fitness Center. So far our efforts have raised more than $1.5 million! Thank you to everyone who has already provided your support!

We believe the future of north central Indiana depends on the quality of education we provide to our students, since 80 percent of our graduates remain in the region. The “Inspire Power” campaign is about inspiring everyone to find the power within them to maintain a healthy lifestyle, not only while they are on campus, but throughout their lives. This can only bring positive and healthy results to the people we serve in our region for generations to come. We are grateful and proud that Bill Hunt, chairman of IU Health and son of IU Kokomo’s founding director Virgil Hunt, and Kathleen Ligocki, one of the campus’ most successful alumni, have agreed to serve as honorary campaign co-chairpersons. Diana Tenbrook serves as the Committee Chair; we are immensely appreciative of their support and passion for this campaign. Community support will contribute to more than just the wellness and fitness center; it is a direct contribution to the lives of many who in turn will inspire the economic well-being and prosperity of Kokomo and north central Indiana. With Indiana’s tax credit for giving, a pledge made up to $200 per year over 5 years actually costs nothing out of pocket! For more information about the Milt and Jean Cole Family Wellness and Fitness Center and the fundraising campaign, go to

Campus Picnic

June 14 was the annual campus picnic. More than 100 faculty and staff gathered together to enjoy a beautiful day in the meadow. This fun day included lunch, karaoke, and a silent auction. I am delighted to share that there were more than 20 baskets donated for the auction which raised $1,100 for our upcoming Holiday party! We also presented our Employees of the Year awards. Congratulations to Dave Selby, Brenda DeMaggio, and Dawn Davis! Thank you everyone for your participation in making this a first-class event.

Civic Activities

Indiana University Kokomo Alumni Association trained an entry for the annual Samaritan Caregivers' Duck Derby, "Quackston," allegedly the younger half-brother of campus mascot Kingston Cougar. The Duck Derby took place July 19, at the Kokomo Beach Family Aquatic Center. The event raises money for the Samaritan Caregivers work, providing free, non-medical help to Howard County residents 65 and older, to allow them to remain in their homes. Quackston did not disappoint, placing third and awarding the IU Alumni Association with a pizza party! Congratulations!

IU Kokomo faculty and staff volunteered their time at theCarver Community Center. Guest readers visited the center two days per week, for an hour each time, sharing a story with children, ages 5-12, followed by discussion. Instilling a passion for reading as well as sharing the benefits that reading can have on your future is vital to children. Thank you to everyone who participated!

IU Kokomo hosted the fourth annual Science Rocks! summer camp taught by IUK faculty. Approximately 20 middle school students from populations underrepresented in science and math fields attended the two week camp. This year's program started with a field trip to the Kokomo Wastewater Treatment Plant, followed by fieldwork on campus, pumping water from campus monitoring wells. The camp was funded with grants from the IU Women's Philanthropy Council and the North Central Indiana Area Health Education Center.

Our School of Nursing summer camps, began Monday, June 11. Nursing students served as counselors, educating the campers, ages 6 to 13, on living with various health conditions, and how to live a healthy lifestyle. The camps included Kidds Kamp, for children with diabetes; Camp-Eeze-the-Wheeze, for children with asthma; and Fit Camp, for children who want to learn about physical fitness and healthy living. A highlight of the camp was a day with IU Kokomo's sports teams, in which the cross country team led the campers in running, followed by the men's basketball team and women's volleyball team who taught various sports skills.

The IU Kokomo Crescendos show choir performed as part of the Kokomo Symphony's Summer Fun Concert. The event began with an arts and music festival followed by the concert. The family-friendly event showcased the community's artists and musicians, including those at IU Kokomo. Musical selections ranged from Tchaikovsky, songs from animated children's movies, classic rock, big band and a salute to American service members.

I had the great opportunity to participate in various live radio interviews as well as speak at many local Rotary and Kiwanis Club meetings. It is such an honor to spread the word of our campus within the region. We are On the Move! Thank you to everyone for making this a world-class campus.


The Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) at Indiana University Kokomo keeps students on track. Our ROTC program has experienced phenomenal growth since its inception in 2008 – from two students, four in 2012, to nearly 30 expected to be enrolled this fall semester. Students in the first two years of ROTC focus on leadership development, and have no military service obligation unless they receive ROTC scholarships. Cadets who want to complete the entire four-year program agree to service in the Army, Reserves or National Guard after graduation. Junior year cadets begin leading platoon-level operations, including evaluating other cadets and providing feedback to corps leadership. Seniors learn battalion-level operations, paired with a mentor currently serving in that position. Cadets graduate as commissioned second lieutenants, and may compete for an active duty appointment or serve in the National Guard or Army Reserves.

Student Activities

Jennifer Rozzi enlisted the help of IU Kokomo's Master of Business Administration students to analyze her future business operations. She used the students’ analysis to build a business plan, which helped her get approval from her bank to buy the Continental Ballroom in Kokomo. She now recommends the free program to other area entrepreneurs. The M.B.A. program is accepting applications from established businesses and startups, entrepreneurs, and governmental and non-profit agencies, to provide teams of students to help transform the region's economy.

Art students recently put their talent to work to support the local "Day of Change", a fund raiser for community organizations that provide a variety of services including housing for domestic violence victims, and school supplies to low income children. Five students and two faculty members created decorative boat paddles, which were among 40 auctioned to raise more than $2,000. The money will help 10 Howard County not-for-profit organizations fulfill their missions. Paddles made by the IU Kokomo artists brought in nearly $200.

Lyndsay Christensen was chosen as the campus' Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholar, with a scholarship valued at $30,000. The Herbert Presidential Scholars Program offers four-year renewable scholarships and other benefits to exceptional Indiana students. The program also includes $1,000 for study abroad her junior or senior year. She will major in biochemistry, with plans to attend medical school or graduate school after she earns her undergraduate degree. Congratulations Lyndsay!

Faculty and Staff News

IU Board of Trustees approved the Salary Policy. Therefore, the FY2012-13 IU Salary Policy authorizes a 1.50% salary increase for faculty, and an additional 0.7% pool to address merit-based, equity, and salary compression. In 2010-2011, we addressed 60% of the CUPA gap and this year we reduced it by another 20%. In less than 2 years and during these challenging economic times, we have made significant strides in closing the historical compression gaps.  We will continue to work toward that end. We are now exceptionally competitive in compensations we offer.

The School of Education received a $2,250 Scholarship of Engagement faculty grant from the Indiana Campus Compact to fund its science inquiry fellows project. The project includes a one-day workshop to prepare teachers in grades 5-12 to lead scientific inquiry projects. For more information or to register, contact Julie Saam at 765-455-9302 or e-mail

Gregory Steel will teach the philosophy of art class this fall semester in a virtual classroom on the Indiana University "Second Life Island." Rather than meeting on the IU Kokomo campus, students create avatars, or virtual representatives, and log in to move their avatars to the virtual classroom. Steel is the first and only IU professor to teach in Second Life. He combines the virtual classroom with Skype, e-mail, Oncourse and Facebook, which makes him better able to meet his students' academic needs.

Janet Oatess uses the skills she learned in her 40-year teaching career to prepare the next generation of teachers, at Indiana University Kokomo. Tavis Smiley, her most famous former student, chose her as his most influential teacher for the Teachers Count poster campaign. Celebrities chose a teacher to pose with them for posters, emphasizing the importance of the teaching profession, with the slogan, "Behind every famous person is a fabulous teacher." Congratulations Janet!

IU Kokomo Clinical Assistant Professor Diana Mishler will have a voice for patient care as a council member on the American Society of Radiologic Technologists ( ASRT ). Mishler recently began her four-year term on the ASRT – a professional organization that provides research, education, and advocacy for medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals. Congratulations Diana!

Congratulations to all faculty and staff members for your exceptional achievements. I am delighted to also share that Erik Deerly had two pieces selected in the Annual Juried Exhibit at The Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center in Frederick, Maryland; Scott Jones published “A Census of State Portal and Agency Homepage Design in the United States” in the International Journal of Electronic Government Research; Karla Stouse took students on the annual Innovation Symposium trip to England; and Minda Douglas received a $2,000 grant from the Indiana Arts Commission for Premise of Place. As part of the project, she also received an artist-in-residency at the Porcupine Mountains in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in July/August; Linda Wallace was interviewed by Elle Moxley from State Impact Indiana. Thank you to everyone for your hard work. It is because of you that IU Kokomo is On the Move!

Jack Tharp, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs has accepted a position as the Director of the Indiana University Financial Literacy Program, which is designed to address student debt. He will assume this new role as of August 15, 2012, and will be reporting to the Treasurer of Indiana University. Jack has served our campus for 31 years and we are thankful to him for his service. This is an exceptional opportunity for him, and we are very supportive, but saddened to see him go. Serving as Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs will be EVC Sue Sciame-Giesecke. Congratulations Jack!

The American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) is a Washington-based higher education association of nearly 420 public colleges, universities and systems whose members share a learning-and-teaching-centered culture, a historic commitment to underserved student populations and a dedication to research and creativity that advances their regions’ economic progress and cultural development. As a member of AASCU, I received the immense honor to write an article to be published in their quarterly magazine. I am delighted to share "Higher Education as a Catalyst for Regional Transformation ." It is my hope that you find it interesting and invigorating as we strive for regional transformation.

It is with deep humility that I attended a symposium for University Presidents and Chancellors at Harris Manchester College in the University of Oxford, Oxford, England. The conference was sponsored by the Forum on Public Policy in collaboration with the Oxford Round Table. The meeting was organized to provide a venue for open and frank discourse regarding issues that face today’s leaders in higher education. Participants in the symposium had access to an array of academic, cultural and social resources, including the Oxford Union Debating Society, colleges and halls of Oxford University. This was an exceptional opportunity, and I am honored to have been included.

Thank You

This On the Move News summarizes the summer and serves to recognize the continued success of faculty, staff and students. By continuing to be forward-looking and optimistic, we are making significant progress. IU Kokomo is being recognized as one of the best regional campuses in the world as a result of your hard work and effort. I wish us all a very successful academic year and express deep appreciation for all that you do.


Michael Harris, Ph.D.

Chancellor and Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs, Business and Education

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KOKOMO, Ind. -- Indiana University Kokomo Chancellor Michael Harris' dedication to scholarly work and his successful leadership in higher education have earned him recognition by one of Israel's leading newspapers as the top Israeli in academics worldwide working outside Israel.

HarrispicChancellor Michael Harris

"The Most Successful Israelis in the World -- A Special Project: Made In Israel," published April 27 by Maariv, the second-largest newspaper in Israel, cited Harris as an exceptional leader in academics and listed him among 10 honorees serving as sources of "Israeli pride, the international edition." Other honorees were recognized for their achievements in the fields of music, high tech, culinary, computers, nightlife, television, medicine, physics and real estate.

"Michael's strong and strategic stewardship of Indiana University's Kokomo campus, which continues to experience dramatic growth in enrollment, academic offerings and community engagement, along with his notable scholarly achievements, make him a most deserving recipient of this outstanding honor," IU President Michael A. McRobbie said. "By way of his dynamic personality, enthusiasm and experience in a number of leadership positions, Michael is helping to strengthen IU Kokomo's role as a major player in revitalizing the region it serves and significantly improving the quality of life for all who live and work in north central Indiana."

According to the newspaper report, Harris and his fellow honorees "hold the most desirable positions in their fields. They're responsible for innovations, advancements and resources."

The report adds that Harris "is probably the first and only Israeli today that leads an American university or campus in his position as chancellor of IU Kokomo, which is part of the prestigious Indiana University."

"There are many successful Israeli academics in the U.S., so to be recognized is overwhelming," said Harris, 56, who was born in South Africa and raised on a commune in Israel.

Harris retired at the rank of major as an intelligence officer from the Israeli Defense Forces. He has lived in the U.S. since the late 1980s.

"I don't have strong enough words to describe how incredibly humbled I feel, especially being in the company of the others who were selected," Harris said.

Maariv acknowledged a number of Harris' accomplishments, including 40 published articles and five books (one in the past year), and an educational background that spans the globe. He received a Ph.D. in public policy from IU, a master's degree from Tel Aviv University and an undergraduate degree in economics and business administration from Bar-Ilan University. Additionally, he is a graduate of two of the Harvard Graduate School of Education's leadership programs (IEM and MDP).

Harris became chancellor of IU Kokomo in July 2010, and he is currently working to ensure the campus plays an important role in the future success of north central Indiana. To this end, he has set forth strategic goals based on three themes: academic excellence and student success; building relationships and making friends; and regional transformation.

In less than two years under his leadership, the campus has seen major growth in student enrollment, implemented 15 new degree programs, increased significantly its online course offerings, dramatically increased fundraising, began a competitive athletic program and a successful bid to NAIA membership, and completed a variety of infrastructure projects. These accomplishments, Harris says, build upon the vision for IU's regional campuses as set forth by IU President McRobbie.

Other outstanding Israelis recognized in the special report are:

  • Music: Miri Ben-Ari, a prominent violinist.
  • High tech: David "Dadi" Perlmutter, executive vice president and general manager of Intel Corp.'s Mobility
  • Culinary: Moshik Roth, a world-renowned chef who holds two Michelin stars
  • Computers: Safra Catz, president and CFO of Oracle
  • Nightlife: Guy Gerber, an electronic DJ/producer and musician
  • Television: Aviv Nevo, a venture capitalist and major shareholder in Time Warner
  • Medicine: Dr. Gideon Koren, pediatrician, clinical pharmacologist and toxicologist
  • Physics: Dr. Amnon Yariv, the Martin and Eileen Summerfield Professor of applied physics and professor of electrical engineering at Caltech
  • Real estate: Chaim Katzman, chairman of Gazit-Globe Ltd.
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Dear Colleagues,

As we end another phenomenal academic year, we celebrate the many activities and accomplishments that have taken place on campus this month.  IU Kokomo has been “On the Move” in a big way.  Recently we all celebrated Commencement, the time of the year in which we take the most pride in the achievements of our students. It is the hard work of the entire IU Kokomo community that makes commencement day a success. For that I am immensely grateful and express deep appreciation to each and every one of you. It is truly a time of exhilaration and happiness.


The Class of 2012 began a new Indiana University Kokomo tradition Tuesday May 8, celebrating Commencement in the campus’ new pavilion. Family members, faculty, and staff cheered and took pictures as the graduates processed to the pavilion, smiling and ready to celebrate. IU President Michael A. McRobbie called the day a celebration of accomplishments, and congratulated the class on reaching the important milestone of graduation. The pavilion was just one of the many changes the 493-member graduating class embraced during their academic experiences at IU Kokomo. The Class of 2012 actively participated in our on-going transformation in becoming a world class regional campus, part of a world-class university. Some of the graduates began blowing bubbles, then burst into cheers as it concluded. Thank you to the many members of faculty and staff who attended the ceremony to support our graduates! Your presence was deeply appreciated.

The Pavilion will provide a permanent home for outdoor Commencement and a venue for community events. It is a wonderful place for our Commencement ceremony, and our campus and community will benefit from it for years to come. We are making history and building a new tradition.

We were thrilled to host again, our annual Commencement Luncheon. Members of the platform party, faculty senate leaders, legislators, and other IUK friends and donors were in attendance. We recognized Amber Cargile, our Distinguished Alumni Award winner, as well as gave a toast to President McRobbie for his gift of the Pavilion, and his remarkable leadership of IU. This was truly a first class event, and one we are proud to host annually.

Tali and I would like to thank faculty and staff who attended the Commencement after party at the Kelley house. It was wonderful to relax together after an exciting day. 

Many activities took place surrounding Commencement. Graduates in Indiana University Kokomo’s School of Nursing and Division of Allied Health Sciences marked both an ending and beginning Thursday May 3, with recognition and pinning ceremonies, celebrating entrance into the health professions. The School of Nursing honored 47 Bachelor of Science in Nursing and 50 R.N. to B.S.N. graduates during its recognition ceremony, in Havens Auditorium. The Division of Allied Health honored seven Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging Technology and 11 Associate of Science in Radiography graduates at its first-ever recognition ceremony and pinning. Medical imaging technology students must perform community and campus service, in addition to completing their degrees, to earn pins.

We celebrated the academic achievement of our students at two events Monday May 7.  Master's degree students were honored at the annual hooding ceremony, while undergraduates received awards at the Honors Convocation. The hooding ceremony honored 34 master's degree recipients, in business, public management, and liberal studies. The hood marks them as receiving graduate degrees. Each student received his or her hood from a mentor faculty member. At Honors Convocation, Jeremy Gibson, student body president, presented the Amicus awards to Christina Downey, assistant professor of psychology, and to adjunct faculty members Michael Fiscel and Joseph Seaborn. Students choose these award winners through a vote.

Nearly a hundred students showed up for this year’s senior salute on May 7th. Students were able to enjoy refreshments, music and prizes. Congratulations seniors!

I would like to congratulate those employees who have taken the time to complete a degree while working hard to make IU Kokomo the best regional campus in the world. Good job graduates!

Purdue’s Commencement took place on Wednesday May 9, with 44 students participating in the graduation ceremony held in Havens auditorium. Congratulations!

Enrollment and Growth

Indiana University Kokomo continues its growth trend into the first summer session, with an increase of more than 12%. Overall enrollment on Monday May 14, the first day of the session, enrollment was up 12.5% from the first day of the 2011 session. The number of credit hours taken grew 14.4%. I believe the increase is due to the quality of degree programs, the wide variety of classes offered, and the Student Success Tuition Discount program, which saves a student a year's worth of tuition and helps to ensure degree completion. IU President Michael A. McRobbie announced earlier this year all IU campuses will offer a 25% summer school discount in an effort to provide financial relief to students, promote year-round college attendance, shorten the time it takes students to graduate, and make more effective use of campus facilities state wide.

In June of 2011, we began to monitor stats for our Flickr account. At the time, we had 88,464 views -- which included a two-year span from when the account was activated in July 2009 to June 2011. We worked hard to increase our Flickr posts and views, and it paid off on December 12, of 2011, when our views doubled to 178,408. As of May 10, 2012, we have reached an outstanding 348,861 total views. What is most exciting is the increase in views after Commencement. On May 9th, we set our single day record for the most views, with 48,176 total views! All of the photos viewed were Commencement photos or related to events leading up to Commencement. More than 260 photos, which were of commencement, were individually viewed approximately 185 times in a 24 hour period. While we use photos to communicate what is happening at IU Kokomo, the ultimate goal for our students is to graduate and cherish the memories made along the way.

The dean’s council approved a new summer schedule which will now have two week, four week, and six week classes. In addition, we will have a ‘Maymester’ program with innovative classes.

I am delighted to let you know for the fall 2012 semester, the week before finals and finals week will have extended hours for the library. The library will remain open until 11:30 p.m. to allow students additional to study and better prepare for finals. Despite the additional hours, there will be a library employee, a student worker, and an IT support person, until closing.  Dave Selby will also have a police officer stay until midnight to ensure students and workers leave safely.

Budget Construction for FY2012-13 has been completed. We were the first campus to have our budget construction completed. This is a result of the excellent work we all did together during budget hearings. There was excellent preparation for these hearings, and the presenters were very well prepared. We were transparent and allocated our resources, based on our three themes and strategic plan.  Budgets are about values, and that is our focus.


We sponsored our Inaugural Athletic Banquet on April 26, at the Elite Banquet and Conference Center.  Tom Buck, the key note speaker, discussed the positive role that athletics can have on students and their future. With approximately 140 in attendance, this event celebrated the accomplishments of our athletic teams in their first year of competition, as well as introduced the addition of cross country in the fall. I believe that this once again marks the beginning of a new tradition that will bring us together.

Indiana University Kokomo has selected Jason VanAlstine to lead the men’s and women’s cross country teams in their inaugural seasons. VanAlstine, who is also an assistant professor of economics, wants to field a team with men and women committed not only to being competitive athletes, but also to being outstanding students. VanAlstine, a first-time coach, was a four-year member of the varsity cross country team at St. Vincent College, Latrobe, Pennsylvania. He has started recruiting efforts, with plans to begin practices this summer.  Meets will be scheduled during the fall semester. Congratulations Jason!

We have begun to sign the first basketball recruits for the upcoming season. Go Cougars!

Campus Activities

Many successful activities have taken place, including the inaugural Women in Philanthropy Awards ceremony held on campus. This event was a tremendous success. We had so much positive feedback. Our campus made a lasting impression on those in attendance. It was said that we were the perfect venue for this inaugural event and the energy on campus was inspirational. Three Indiana University Kokomo students received the inaugural Women Helping Women: Honoring Student Volunteer Leadership awards. IU First Lady Laurie Burns McRobbie, founding co-chairwoman of the Women's Philanthropy Council at Indiana University, presented the awards to Hollie Boyles, Stacy James and Kristianna Upchurch, recognizing their outstanding volunteer service. Congratulations Hollie, Stacy and Kristianna!

The Nursing Faculty of Ivy Tech was invited to have tea with the IU Kokomo Nursing Faculty on Thursday, April 1. The purpose of the tea was to take some time away from work to talk, laugh and network with each other. This develops long-lasting relationships and helps our students who transition from Ivy Tech.

Money Smart Week ran from April 21-28. The SIFE students gave a presentation on Escape Debt, which included personal finance, money management, budgeting, credit cards and credit scores information. Tyana Lange gave a presentation on Paying for College and provided information about loans, scholarships, and grants. We appreciate these much needed information sessions to help our students be fiscally responsible.

Take Back the Night/Angel Walk was again a very successful event. The rally began at 5:30 p.m. on April 24, with the one-mile walk following the rally. Tali and I welcomed the opportunity to participate and interact with the community and walk for such an important cause. The IU Kokomo American Democracy Project and the Family Service Association of Howard County sponsor this annual event, which raises money for the FSA's domestic violence shelter. Participants raised more than $20,000 this year.

For the first time, the Indiana University Kokomo Crescendos and Diminuendos show choirs performed one of the most popular shows in musical history, “The Music of Les Miserables.” The performances took place in the newly renovated Havens Auditorium. The show was set during the 1832 June Rebellion in France, and was presented in the 10th anniversary format, often seen on PBS. It was a first-class performance and I encourage you to attend future performances. Now with 80 vocalists, the Crescendos recently formed an a cappella group of 16 singers, called the Diminuendos. Many of those singers held the 15 lead roles in “The Music of Les Miserables,” which was a full costume show with narration.

On the annual beautification dayThursday May 3, many pitched in – helping plant lantanas, dahlias, and marigolds in flowerbeds throughout campus. More than 40 volunteers donned work gloves to plant flower containers in front of the Main Building, and to fill the flowerbeds in the quad. Campus beautification has been a top priority since my arrival at IU Kokomo. Thank you to all the volunteers and the physical plant staff. This is an on-going transformation, from a project we started two years ago, and we are going to make it the most beautiful regional campus in the world. A beautiful campus enhances a sense of community, is a source of pride, and will inspire our students and community to achieve even more.

We were delighted to host Doug Esamann, the President of Duke Energy, as he toured our campus on a visit to Kokomo May 16th.

Academic excellence and student success is what it's all about, and new incoming students to Indiana University Kokomo learned how to make the most of their college experience at a New Student Orientation session on Saturday, May 19. The day began at 8 a.m. with registration and breakfast, followed by sessions about student activities, athletics, financial aid, parking, career services, advising, and technology, among other topics.

In honor of National EMS Week, the Indiana University Police Department – Kokomo Division, PCAT, Indiana State Police, and IU Health presented a free informational session on Monday, May 21. The session “Bath Salts and Spice: What you need to know about these dangerous synthetic drugs” was held in Havens Auditorium. Guest speakers included Toxicologist Dr. Furbee from IU Health, Trooper Josh Maller from Indiana State Police, and Indiana State Representative Mike Karickhoff.

2012 marks the 16th consecutive year for the IU Kokomo School of Nursing facilitating Camp Eeze-the-Wheeze, KIDDS Camp and Fit Camp. This year’s camp is scheduled for June 11-15,       9 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Jackson Morrow Park.  Registration is a nominal fee of $20 for the week, and scholarships are available.  For additional information regarding the camps and registration information, please contact Lynda Narwold at or 765-455-9308.

Indiana University Kokomo’s $52 million impact on the region was the center of discussion and direction for future growth in north central Indiana during a regional town hall meeting Wednesday, May 23. Continuing our focus as a catalyst for change and regional transformation, we hosted the event to determine best practices for collaboration to move the region forward. The goal is to use the results of a recent study, which revealed a $52.1 million impact by IU Kokomo on the state’s economy, to encourage leaders to work together. This work reflects the campus themes embraced two years ago, building relationships and making friends, as well as transforming the region. William Stephan, vice president for engagement, reviewed the study, while representatives of Tripp Umbach, presented results. The study measured direct economic impact through salaries, benefits, and spending by faculty, staff and students. It also studied indirect impact, as those who sell goods and services to the university re-spend that revenue. In addition, the study measured the value of volunteer service and charitable donations of our campus’ faculty, staff, and students, which totaled more than $3.4 million. The campus also generates $2.7 million per year in state and local tax revenue. David Gard, a featured IU blogger posted to Innovate Indiana regarding the regional town hall meeting.

Stargazers got a closer look at three planets on Sunday, May 13, when the IU Kokomo Observatory hosted its monthly open house, from 8 to 11 p.m. The evening began with Patrick Motl, assistant professor of physics, speaking briefly on the transit of Venus, which has been used in the past by explorers in an attempt to measure the size of the solar system and objects beyond. Motl plans to have the observatory open in the afternoon on Tuesday, June 5, for people to see the transit, which is an once-in-a-lifetime event. For more information about the transit of Venus, go to 

A partial solar eclipse could be seen Sunday, May 20. The Observatory at IU Kokomo provided a bird's eye view to the public. The eclipse began shortly before sunset, around 8:20 p.m. The Observatory, allowed stargazers to view Saturn once the sky was darker. Those watching from the southwest saw a rare annular eclipse, in which the moon appeared entirely within the sun's disk, also described as a "ring of fire".

Student Activities 

Our SIFE team made it to nationals after an exceptional display at regionals. The quality of the team was so remarkable; a student even received a written offer for a paid internship while at regionals. SIFE's volunteer services include preparing women who currently live at the Family Service Association's domestic violence shelter to enter the workforce. They have also sponsored a canned food drive for Kokomo Urban Outreach and have presented a financial literacy program to IU Kokomo freshmen.

The IU Kokomo Student Research Symposium held on April 16-17 was truly focused on academic excellence and student success. Faculty nominate students to participate, based on the quality of their research. Thirty-six students presented papers, while 50 showcased their research with posters displayed in Alumni Hall. This symposium allows our students to demonstrate and share their success.

Indiana University Kokomo is celebrating publication of the fifth anniversary edition of "From the Well House." Andrew Turley is the editor of the student-run publication. In the five years since the first issue, its mission has expanded from publishing local work to including artists and writers from around the world. In addition to the print magazine, it also publishes an online edition each fall, and features a story of the month on its website. It also has a "live issue" each fall in the IU Kokomo Art Gallery, with an art exhibit and author readings. Copies of "From the Well House" are available in the Office of Student Activities.  The quality of the publication is exceptional and I greatly encourage you to read it.

Our students in the School of Nursing and School of Business were recently inducted into honour societies, rewarding their academic excellence. The School of Nursing inducted 11 senior nursing students into Sigma Theta Tau Alpha Chapter in recognition of their academic achievement, leadership, and demonstrated professional ability. The honour society was founded by IU nursing students in 1922 and has a long history of providing leaders in the nursing profession, supporting student nurses and funding research to advance the career field.  The School of Business inducted seven students into Beta Gamma Sigma business honour society. Undergraduates must be in the top 10% of their class to be inducted, while graduate students must be in the top 20%. Many of the students chosen have 4.0 or 3.9 GPAs. Beta Gamma Sigma has a mission of encouraging and rewarding academic achievement in business, and promoting high standards for business leaders.  Congratulations!

Indiana University Kokomo student Alexis Martin received more than double the scholarship she expected at the Indianapolis Star's Salute to Nurses awards luncheon on April 25. Not only did she receive the $3,500 scholarship from the paper, but one of the event’s donors, USA Funds, gave an additional $4,500. Congratulations Alexis!

Mary Olk and Justin Clark each received $1,000 from the first-ever Selzer Student Scholarships for International Study, which both will use on the IU Kokomo Innovation Symposium trip to England this summer. It will be the first overseas experience for both students, who are juniors. Erwin Boschmann, interim dean of the School of Business, established the scholarship with his wife, Priscilla, and named the scholarship for her parents, Truman and Lahla Selzer. When presenting the scholarships, he encouraged the recipients to be lifelong learners and to help someone else in the future. Congratulations Mary and Justin!  

The School of Nursing is pleased to share that over 90% of the December graduates passed the NCLEX licensing exam.

Faculty and Staff News

The greatness of any university is measured by the quality and productivity of its faculty.  Therefore I am delighted to congratulate Angela Heckman, JR Pico, Christina Taff, and Nancy Greenwood on their recent promotions. I also congratulate Linda Ficht and Christopher Darr on their recent promotion and tenure.

The Faculty Senate recently voted in new officers. Congratulations to Chris Darr President, Gregory Steel Vice President, Joe Keener secretary, Joshua Gottemoller Parliamentarian, and Yusuf Nur UFC representative.  I believe we will work very closely to assure IUK success. 

Dr. Christian Chauret traveled to Dublin attending the World Congress on Water, Climate, and Energy and Dr. Lina Rifai will travel to Jordan to continue her study of desert ecology. SMI is offering for the first time an Ornithology course, the study of birds.  We will also host our annual science summer camp “Science Rocks!” for underrepresented middle school students. We are delighted that Dr. Chauret was able to secure external funding support for the camp.

Chris Darr’s class held a debate for drug testing for IUK athletes. Many members of the community attended, included members of the legislature!

Julie Saam was awarded a Scholarship of Engagement Grant: Indiana Campus Compact (ICC) in the amount of $2,250.00.  Congratulations Julie!

Catherine Barnes and Carlos Zapata attended the Region 5 National Academic Advising Association (NACADA) Convention in Akron Ohio. Below is the website that details the names of all of the conference sessions for the conference:

Dr. Ligaya Lindio McGovern, Professor of Sociology, shared insights from her recently published book on the globalization of reproductive care work and from her new research project on migration of nurses and doctors in the global health care economy.

Lori Collins presented at the IUPUI JACADA (Jaguars Academic Advising Association, an affiliated association of NACADA). Cathy Barnes and Lori Collins will be presenting at the Regional Advisors meeting May 31 – June 1 on “Developing Training Programs for Advising.”

Several of the IU Kokomo advisors attended IVYT 101 and 120 New Student classes at Region 5 IVY Tech campuses (Peru, Wabash, Logansport, and Kokomo) to help increase student awareness of their transfer options to IU Kokomo and the importance of knowing what will transfer to their intended degree, credit hour maximums that can transfer, encourage them to complete their associates degree and to let them know they can meet with an IUK advisor while they are taking classes at IVY Tech, so they are on track to transfer.

Advisors received a grant for $2,400 for staff development from the steering committee from the IU FLAGS project.  The money will be used to send advisors to a conference regarding retention and student success.

The Strategic Planning Committee had its first meeting. The Co-Chairs of the committee are Sarah Sarber and Diane Bever. The other committee members are:  Erv Boschmann, Business; Lina Rifai, Science; Kevin Clark, Psychology; Diane Roden, Business; Cathy Barnes, Advisor; Paul Paese, Education; Tyana Lange, Enrollment Management; Christopher Wolfe, Education; Marie Radel, Media and Marketing; Donna McLean, Communications; David Rink, Business; Candy Thompson, Academic Affairs; Cathy Valcke, Human Resources; Lesley Connolly, Nursing. In teams, they will monitor each of the Strategic Priorities and send out Quarterly Updates and Quarterly Reports. The first report will be shared at the beginning of October.

In Classroom Technologies, Manager Michael Spaulding has developed a fully functional prototype of the next iteration of classroom podium equipment. Built using completely digital infrastructure, the new podiums will position us to support the devices faculty and staff will adopt in the coming years. As VHS technology is made obsolete by the marketplace, the digital infrastructure will support Blu-ray devices, digital document cameras, HDMI capable laptops and tablet devices. Currently, we are the only IU Regional campus experimenting with this technology.

In web services, we have also taken the lead among regional campus units with our digital signage platform. Built in the University’s Web Content Management System (WCMS), the UITS-Kokomo web team has delivered a stable and cost effective signage delivery system that meets Safety and Security requirements for immediate notifications. By leveraging the existing campus knowledge of WCMS, we have reduced training costs and provided a tool for digital communications. This month, members of the web team travelled to IU South Bend to provide training to UITS and Marketing personnel at their campus so they can begin to leverage our work.

A few changes in personnel have taken place this month. Cathy Clearwaters began her new position as assistant director of development. She will be working with Kelly Goad building relationships with our alumni and students, and increasing fund-raising efforts.

Kelly Goad, who began her duties Monday, May 14, as director of development, is charged with building relationships with alumni, students, and friends of the campus, as she leads fund-raising efforts for scholarships and capital campaigns, and making friends. Welcome Kelly!

On May 9th, our long-time UITS-KO colleague Chris Rivers accepted a position with the IU Southeast campus. We wish him well as he joins the IUS team.

Chancellor’s News

I was fortunate enough to be featured as part of a panel discussion on a recent broadcast of Inside Indiana Business, the state-wide business news television program. Click here to watch the video.

The number of trees at Grissom increased by eight thanks to a special Arbor Day tree planting ceremony that included participation by six of the base's honorary commanders. Col. William "Tim" Cahoon, 434th Air Refueling Wing commander, held the program for honorary commanders, of which I am delighted to be counted. The program is a special community outreach activity designed to provide selected civic leaders with a behind the scenes look at Grissom and its many diverse missions. Grissom ARB, which has more than 3,700 trees, has been named as a "tree city" by the National Arbor Day Foundation for 12 straight years. For more information, click on the link below: 

It is with extreme honor, and much humility that I share with you that I have been recognized in Israel’s Maariv as one of the seven most successful Israelis in seven different fields in the world.  I have been nominated for “work as both a scholar and a high ranking administrator.” The Maariv is the second largest Israeli daily newspaper, and is distributed across the state.

Thank you

As we try to summarize the many accomplishments and activities that have taken place in May, I would like to again thank each and every one of you for all you do to make a difference in the lives of our students and most especially our graduates.


Michael Harris, Ph.D.
Chancellor and Professor of Public and
Environmental Affairs, Business and Education


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KOKOMO, Ind. — Indiana University Kokomo's impact on the region and the state of Indiana reaches far beyond the yearly $52.1 million, and the campus stands out as a clear leader in paving the way for higher education institutions to take on a key role in the economic and social well-being of the communities they serve.

economic impact report"I think IU Kokomo is way ahead of the curve in the way higher education is addressing needs and functioning," said Paul Umbach, president of TrippUmbach, the nation's leading provider of economic impact research who recently conducted a study for IU and IU Health. "So many universities and campuses are only beginning to establish their role (at economic development). IU Kokomo is way out front."

Umbach presented the "Economic Engine for North Central Indiana" report at a regional town hall meeting on Wednesday (May 23) that was hosted by IU Kokomo and Chancellor Michael Harris. About 60 regional leaders attended the event.

He explained the economic impact is annual, and that the report only counts the operations of IU Kokomo. In addition, the $52.1 million does not include other indirect impacts as a result of interactions with companies and businesses in the region generated by IU Kokomo. It also does not include the impact of graduates.

Regional Town Hall MeetingChancellor Harris participates in the town hall discussion. See Flickr slideshow.

Bill Stephan, IU vice president for engagement, said he is confident in the numbers that reflect the campus' economic impact. He stated that he believes that IU Kokomo is vital to regional development and that it plays a significant role in leading the process and setting an exceptional state model. He expressed deep appreciation for the collaborative, innovative enthusiastic vision and practice of the campus led by the Chancellor.

"The role of this campus is absolutely critical to the future well-being of this region," Stephan said. "The data will affirm the significance of that point."

Another positive effect on the region are the health care professionals in local hospitals and medical providers who graduated from IU Kokomo's School of Nursing and Division of Allied Health. "This work force is critical to north central Indiana's health and well-being," Umbach said.

Another significant role the campus plays in the community is through volunteerism and service projects – to the tune of $3.4 million per year.

"We are committed to our three themes – Academic Excellence and Student Success, Building Relationships and Making Friends, and Transforming the Region," Chancellor Harris said. "We educate world-class graduates and eighty percent of our graduates stay in the region. As higher education evolves, we see our role as 'stewards of place', which means that we believe we have a public responsibility to serve as a catalyst and place to convene people and bring them together to facilitate economic growth and quality of life."

Chancellor Harris believes IU Kokomo will continue to lead north central Indiana in transforming the region, along with businesses, industries, and city, county, state, and federal governments – also known as the Triple Helix.

"Successful regions have a collaborative Triple Helix. Wherever it works well, that region is ahead," Harris said. "It's up to the regional leadership to make sure that we create and sustain a collaborative environment despite structural and other obstacles. I do believe the future is in abundance, because we are facing a new economy of knowledge based on innovation and entrepreneurship. We should master this opportunity"

Chancellor Harris stated that "IU Kokomo's efforts to drive economic success in the communities it serves is in line with IU President Michael McRobbie's vision for regional campuses."

Following Paul Umbach's presentation he facilitated an open discussion to brainstorm ideas on ways communities, businesses and higher education can collaborate in a regional manner. A document will be compiled with comments from today's meeting and distributed to all who attended to use as a guide for future discussions.

"We must continue to develop a regional mindset," Harris said. "There is much work to do and many opportunities will follow."

Indiana University Kokomo serves north central Indiana.

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