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Jordan Asher

Campus mourns passing of student Jordan Asher

April 9, 2019

Indiana University Kokomo students, faculty and staff are deeply saddened by the unexpected passing of senior Jordan Asher, an English major who died in a car accident on Monday, April 8. Jordan’s significant impact on her teachers and classmates was evident during open sessions held on campus today for IU Kokomo community members to reflect, mourn and comfort one another.

 “Jordan was a beloved member of the IU Kokomo family. She will be deeply missed,” said Chancellor Susan Sciame-Giesecke. “One of the great things about an intimate and engaging learning environment is that we get to really know each other. This makes it particularly painful when we lose a member of our family. It is imperative that we now support each other during the grieving process.”

She was a member of the English Club, and was a fan of Edgar Allan Poe’s poetry. IU Kokomo Student Affairs staff members have been meeting with directly impacted classes and individual students to provide support and to encourage students to take advantage of the free and confidential counseling services on campus.   

“Jordan was a live wire as a student—it’s amazing that she could sit still through a class, as she was always crackling with energy,” said Joe Keener, associate professor of English and chairperson of the English and Language Studies department. “She brought this kind of power to her academic work, the class, and her fellow English majors. Our class will be dimmer with the loss of Jordan.”

Students who need assistance as they mourn Jordan’s loss may visit our Office of Counseling and Psychological Services, Kelley Student Center, room 210, or call 765-455-9203.

Last updated: 04/09/2019