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Future nurses honored at induction ceremony

August 16, 2018

KOKOMO, Ind. — More than 50 future nurses celebrated acceptance into Indiana University Kokomo’s prestigious School of Nursing, at its annual induction ceremony.

Dean Susan Hendricks said the ceremony celebrates their accomplishment, and marks the beginning of their nursing education.

“It’s a point of pride for their families, because these students have worked hard to get into nursing school,” she said. “Their families are proud of them, and we are too. We want them to feel welcomed, and acknowledge the value of the effort they’ve made to be admitted.”

It’s also a rite of passage, similar to capping ceremonies held in years past, when nurses still wore white uniforms and caps, as well as a reminder of their purpose as they enter the health care field.

“It impresses on them how serious what they are doing is, so they understand what it means to take care of other human beings,” Hendricks said.

Faculty honored the achievements of the 51 students with presentation of certificates, and the class recited the Nightingale Pledge, a statement of the ethics and principles of the nursing profession, named for Florence Nightingale.

Inductees are listed by hometown. They include:

Alexandria: Aliyah Weaver

Amboy: Jessica Frazier

Andrews:  Allison Molencupp

Burlington: Cameron Langston

Clayton: Megan Bridges 

Delphi: Kimberly Keihn

Elwood: Alyssa Nash, Delaney Savage

Greenfield: Skylar Sweany

Greentown: Conner Buck, Taylor Hendrix, Jamie Honchell, Dalton Ryan, Cole Walker

Kokomo: Lauren Carver, Emily Donovan, Grant Gaylor, Catherine Hale, Elora Klepinger, Naomi Leuck, Tatum Manton, Shelby Myers, Jaylan Polk, Ricki Purvis, Madison Simmons, Bailey Stanley, Rabia Ummad

Lafayette: Kristin Cavaletto, Jenna Harrison

LaFontaine: Mary Guisewhite

Lapel: Mackenzi Crosley, Kylie Trimble

Logansport: Arianne Vargas, Valeria Zarate

Marion: Alicyn Gary, Kaylee Kierstead, Jasmin Reed, Samantha Simison

Mulberry: Nolan Deboy 

Norcross, Georgia: Ramsey Bates

Peru: Anna Boyer, Bridgette Cattin, Holly Huneryager

Plymouth: Joshua Anders

Sharpsville: Haley Bitner 

Tipton: Cassidy Clifford

Urbana: Jacob Watkins

Wabash: Jordan Sisco

Walton: Kassi Hardy

Westfield: Andrea Stephan

West Lafayette: Brianne Abrahamson 

Indiana University Kokomo serves north central Indiana.

Last updated: 08/16/2018