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Senior caps IU Kokomo music career with recital

November 14, 2017

KOKOMO, Ind. — The first student to complete Indiana University Kokomo’s performing arts program will demonstrate how her vocal ability has grown, with a capstone recital.

Faith Renken, who has studied voice with Wendy Grice for the last four years, was among the first to choose the degree in humanities with a concentration in performing arts, when it became available a year ago.

“Just finding something I’m passionate about, and being able to earn the degree on the Kokomo campus, is an amazing opportunity,” said Renken, from Kokomo. “Being part of the development of the music program has helped me find a place for myself at IU Kokomo.”

Faith Renken practicing

Faith Renken practices with Professor Wendy Grice.

Her recital, which is open to the public, will take place at 7:30 p.m., November 29, in Kresge Auditorium. She and Grice, lecturer in music, reviewed the music they’ve worked on, and chose those that showcase her vocal accomplishments.

“It’s like a sampler of everything I’ve studied in the last four years with Wendy,” Renken said. “I had so many selections to chose from, so we went with what fit my voice the most, and showed how my voice developed and changed in the last four years.”

Grice is thrilled Renken had the chance to focus on performing arts. In addition to voice lessons, she’s studied music theory, diction, and music history, among other topics.

“Right away, her first semester of voice lessons, I could see how much talent Faith had,” said Grice. “She said if she had a choice, she would focus on her singing. Now she’s able to do that.

“She’s been a joy to teach,” Grice said. “Faith is a sponge, whatever I teach her, she soaks in. She can perform anything from an aria to something from Broadway. She’s good at assimilating all the styles and the languages.”

Renken finishes her performing arts concentration in December, and then will complete an internship during the spring semester, to graduate in May. In addition to her music studies, she’s been an editor for Field, the campus journal, and The Correspondent student newspaper, served on Student Union Board.  

Indiana University Kokomo serves north central Indiana.

Last updated: 11/14/2017