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Students showcase research achievements in annual symposium

April 14, 2017
KOKOMO, Ind. —  Software developers can determine if software is good or bad by detecting some of the worst coding practices in it.

It’s not an easy process, though, and generally has to be done manually.

IU Kokomo student Brandon Sayger is working to find a way to detect bad coding automatically, along with two of his professors in the informatics program. Their work earned him a $200 scholarship as one of the top poster presenters at the annual student research symposium.

“It was a confidence booster for me, being able to explain it in terms someone who hasn’t studied it could understand,” he said. “It was empowering.”

He continues working on the research project with Awny Alnusair, associate professor of informatics, and Chen Zhong, assistant professor of informatics.

The scholarship was icing on the cake, he said, and will help him fund tuition for summer classes.

“The symposium is a chance to show a future employer I am willing to go the extra mile,” he said. “I’m learning as much as I can.”

Sayger was among 17 students who presented posters during the annual undergraduate research symposium, with an additional 36 giving oral presentations. The top two students in each category received $200 scholarships.

Erin Doss, assistant professor of communication arts, led the symposium, which gives students a chance to talk about work they do in class.

“We often have students who complete amazing projects, and no one beyond their professor or classmates get to hear about it,” she said. “Being part of the research symposium allows students to practice sharing their work, hear from others, and engage in discussions of ideas and scholarships.”

Senior Kaitlynd Lear, Kokomo, initially chose to present her research about differences among generations in the workplace, and how they work together, because it fulfilled a requirement of completing the honors program.

“I am glad I participated, and would suggest that everyone does, because it is a great experience,” she said. “You get to see students from every field at IU Kokomo present research that interests them. I also learned a lot about myself and ways to improve my research and my presentation of research.”

Student research award winners, their hometowns and presentation titles include:

Oral presentations:
• Joshua Macy, Westfield, “Blindsided;” and
• Connor Reed, Macy, “The Rise and Globalization of Esports: League of Legends’ Impact on the Sporting World”
• Honorable mention awards to Tabitha Pelgen, Kokomo, “Persimmon Sustainability Camp;” and Bailey Troutman, Lapel, “Agenda Setting Theory and the Trump Campaign,”

Poster presentations:
• Brandon Sayger, Rochester, “Automatic Detection of Anti-Patterns in Software Development using Semantic Technologies;” and
• Brandon Wysong, Kokomo, “Differential Effects of Heavy Metal Ions on the Denaturation of Recombinant Green-Fluorescent”
• Honorable mention awards to Jessica Filer, Kokomo, “Delayed Nest Emergence and Dispersion to Water in Snapping Turtle Hatchlings: Consequences to Plasma Osmolality and Urea,” and the team of Allison Hopkins, Tipton, Kassadye Hook, Kokomo, and Ali Randall, Windfall, “Evidence of Inclusion on College and University Websites.”

Additional oral presenters included: Brian A. Arwood, Carsten Beyer, Nicole Brown, Jeremy W. Burnett, the team of Katherine Calabro and Karah Wray, Jacob Castleberry, Reid Clingenpeel, Jennifer Cochran, Jamie I. Huntsman Coulter, the team of Zachary Courtney, Scot Finney, and Matthew Floyd, Samuel J. Crippen, Mary Elmasry, Andrew Fields, Matt Fuller, the team of Kaitlin Gebby, Adam Gilbert and Christian Rappuhn, Liana Gurney, the team of Heidi Hendryx and Krysten Strong, Mallory Jones, Matt Kincaid, Caitlyn Laughner, Hannah Moody, Amber Moore, Stephen Nichols, Brian Powers, Coral Regaldo-Santos, Hannah Rushing, Shelby Stern, the team of Seven Surack and John Yount, Flor Valdes, Brent Yard, and Flavio Zampilli,

Additional poster presenters included: Tom Cassidy, Jocelyn Elpers-O’Rourke, Elizabeth Jorgenson, Libby Kimbrough, Joshua Macy, Janet Meek, Charity Musselman, Sarah Overdorf, Holly Roberts, Mary Schrock, Oluwatimilehin Soyoola, Ashley Taylor, Sandra Villafana.

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