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Art professor features videos at art show in the Big Apple

May 20, 2014
KOKOMO, Ind. — For an artist, New York City is the center of the art world.

Rising Scholar Sculpture PresentationAn artist of many mediums, Gregory Steel presents his "Rising Scholar" sculpture to Chancellor Susan Sciame-Giesecke.

That's why Gregory Steel, assistant professor of fine arts at Indiana University Kokomo, is excited to have three of his videos chosen for a current show in the city.

"That's what you do as an artist, you try to get shows in New York City," said Steel. "That's where the influence is in the art world, for better or for worse. It's always exciting to have someone like your work and choose it."

The show, New York Now!, opened May 8 and continues through Friday, May 23. The Frieze Art Fair is going on nearby during the same time, which makes this show more significant, he said.

"The Frieze Art Fair is becoming a significant contemporary art festival," he said. "My work isn't part of that festival, but it draws people to the area, which means they're likely to come see this show, and see my work as well."

As an undergraduate, Steel set a goal of submitting work to three to five shows each week. He's continued to apply for shows every week, and said the other fine arts faculty also submit their artwork regularly, setting an example for their students.

"We're not just teachers, we're working artists, and with a reasonable amount of success," he said. "We are participating in the art world. It's a matter of making a plan for yourself, working to get your work seen in the big centers. You keep doing it, more and more people see your work, and eventually you start to be more successful. It's frustrating at first, but you have to keep working at it."

Steel has worked in video for more than 20 years, and said the medium has changed drastically. When he first began, the equipment was big, bulky, and expensive. Now, most people have video cameras on their smart phones, and can edit on a laptop computer.

"Culture is becoming more image oriented," he said. "When you present moving images, people watch. It tends to be immediately interesting to people."

Indiana University Kokomo serves north central Indiana.

Last updated: 09/16/2014