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Chemistry found in Physics lab; students get engaged

January 10, 2014

KOKOMO, Ind. — Angelina Gurney and Josh Williams signed up for physics; instead, they found chemistry.

Angelina Gurney and Josh WilliamsAngelina Gurney and Josh WilliamsThe two Indiana University Kokomo students met two years ago, on the first day of class in the Hunt Hall physics lab. During finals week, Williams proposed forming a bond — getting married — in the lab where it all began.

She said yes, and they plan a May 10, 2014 wedding — just three days after she graduates with a degree in psychology.

"It's probably the most special place he could have proposed," Gurney said. "We spent a lot of time there after classes, and standing outside in the cold, almost freezing our feet off."

When they went to the lab, Gurney thought Williams was just going to look over his physics final. They wandered through the lab, checking out the perpetual motion devices and other items, until they came to a Lord of the Rings mirage box. It uses two curved mirrors to make an image of an object in a mirror at the bottom of the box. Usually, there is a Lord of the Rings ring in it.

This time, Gurney found a diamond ring instead.

Williams, Galveston, remembered looking at the mirage the first time they talked to each other, which is why he put the ring there.

The proposal is the first in Hunt Hall, as far as anyone knows.

They are truly a case of opposites attracting, according to Gurney.

"He's emotionally calm, which I am not, so that's a good thing," she said, adding with a smile, "He's very handsome, too."

Williams is equally smitten, calling his fiancée both "beautiful," and "the nicest person I've ever met.

"I feel comfortable being myself around her."

They've kept many mementos of their IU Kokomo romance, including an origami box she made in a speech class, and then gave to him, and the origami box he gave her in return, filled with poetry.

Both look forward to their lives together. Williams, 24, has another year left to finish his math degree, and then would like to earn a Ph.D., to teach at the college level. Gurney, 20, from Kokomo, plans to enroll in an online Christian college, to become a counselor.

Both agree IU Kokomo has played an important part in their relationship.

"We spent more time here together than anywhere else," Williams said. "It gives us a common denominator as we start our lives together."

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Last updated: 09/09/2014