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IU Kokomo prepares high schoolers for college math success

August 28, 2012

KOKOMO, Ind — High school students not prepared for college-level math usually take longer to graduate, and are more likely to drop out with significant student debt, but no degree.

Teresa Kennelly focuses on taking test.Teresa Kennelly focuses on taking the test.

Indiana University Kokomo received a $5,000 grant from the Community Foundation of Howard County to enhance college math readiness. The campus is partnering with the Kokomo-Center School Corp. to assure Kokomo High School students are prepared for college-level math classes when they graduate.

High school math preparation is a key to earning a college degree and graduating in a timely manner. More than 30 percent of Indiana students enrolling in four-year colleges require at least one remedial math course before they are ready for college-level math. Remedial classes do not count towards a college degree, and increase the cost of a college education.

The project aims to assess and identify any math deficiencies that need to be addressed before students go to college. This week, all Kokomo High School students are taking the IU Kokomo math placement test, which will reveal their readiness for college math.

Chancellor Michael Harris said the project addresses a serious roadblock students face in earning a college degree.

"As a regional campus, we are committed to proactively addressing a very serious problem related to timely college completion rates in our service region," he said. "We are responding to the call from the Indiana Commission for Higher Education and the Indiana Department of Education to find ways to partner with our colleagues in K-12 schools to address college math readiness."

After students receive their test results, IU Kokomo math faculty will work with Kokomo-Center math teachers to enhance curriculum and develop teaching strategies to prepare students for college-level math. Students will re-take the test in May to evaluate progress.

Kokomo-Center Schools Superintendent Jeff Hauswald appreciates the opportunity to work with the campus in preparing students for college.

"I am delighted that IU Kokomo initiated working with our students and teachers to enhance college readiness. We are committed to increasing our rate of students who are prepared for college."

Indiana University Kokomo serves north central Indiana.

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