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Indiana University Kokomo hits highest-ever enrollment in 67-year history

August 20, 2012
KOKOMO, Ind. —Indiana University Kokomo hits the highest-ever student enrollment in its 67-year history, breaking the previous mark set in 1992. Preliminary numbers for fall semester show a remarkable 14. 1 percent increase over last year, bringing the first-day student body count to an impressive 3,578.

New Student Fall Convocation 2012New students receiving free t-shirts.

More phenomenal record-breaking numbers are being tallied in: freshman class, up 14.2 percent; credit hours, increase of 8.2 percent; academic honors students, up 15.6 percent; a 5 percent rise in full-time students; and minority student enrollment, up 11.5 percent. Ninety-nine percent of IU Kokomo's student body are Indiana residents.

These numbers continue a third-year trend of significant growth and enhanced quality.

"IU Kokomo is a destination of choice because students will earn a world-class IU degree that is affordable, receive instruction from the finest faculty, and engage in an exciting and vibrant campus life," said Chancellor Michael Harris. "We are strategic and relevant in the degrees we offer, assuring our students graduate in four years with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead a successful and meaningful life."

The Division of Allied Health Sciences boasts the highest increase for major-specific programs on campus, with registration up 31.6 percent. Students enrolled in allied health programs seek degrees that include medical imaging technology, radiography, and cytotechnology.

On the graduate level, there is a significant rise of 33.3 percent in students seeking a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.). Also showing incredible success is the new Master of Science in Nursing program, with 23 students enrolled.

The IU Kokomo campus now offers 15 new degree programs, more online and Friday courses, as well as additional funding for scholarships and financial aid. Students find a welcoming atmosphere where campus life is abundant through competitive sports in its inaugural year of the NAIA, and active student organizations like The Correspondent, Students in Free Enterprise, and the newest group – cheerleading.

Final numbers in all categories will be released Monday, August 27.

Indiana University Kokomo serves north central Indiana.

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