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Future IU Kokomo students visit campus

May 1, 2012
KOKOMO, Ind. — Sereta Galloway may only be 8 years old, but she already knows she's going to college at Indiana University Kokomo after high school.

IMG_7372Christian Chauret overlooks as students from Bon Air Elementary learn about the human body.

"I like it here," she said, after touring campus Monday, as part of a field trip from Bon Air Elementary School in Kokomo.

Galloway and 75 of her classmates visited campus as part of the school's focus on college preparedness. College students led the second-graders on campus tours, then students from the School of Education helped them through hands-on activities, such as growing lima bean seeds.

Tyana Lange, director of enrollment management, said visiting a college campus in the primary grades sets the expectation that the students will graduate high school and attend college.

"My hope is that all of these children go home and tell their parents, 'I'm going to college,'" Lange said. "So many of these children don't have family members who have been to college, and it isn't something they are thinking about. We have to change that mindset, because a high school diploma isn't enough."

Bon Air teacher Natalie Keck said the school, which is part of the Kokomo-Center Schools, has focused on college preparedness at all grade levels this year.

They've talked about career goals, what kind of education is required to meet those goals, and about what options are available for higher education.

"Visiting IU Kokomo makes the goal of college more real to them," Keck said. "It makes it seem more attainable, and takes some of the scariness out of the idea of going to college."

Galloway plans to be a teacher and a nurse, she said, and has visited campus before with her mother who was a student here.

"It is important to learn, and to get an education," she said.

Eva Gonzalez, 8, plans to be a nurse, and liked visiting the School of Nursing simulation lab. She also enjoyed the trees and birds on campus. She said she's going to IU Kokomo when she is old enough.

"I have to work hard and get better at reading first," she said. "It is important to get an education."

Carina Mims, 7, enjoyed visiting the Hunt Hall science labs.

"I liked all the skeletons," she said. "I'm going to be a teacher, and I want to go to college here."

Arynne Anderson, who plans to be a nurse, found the library impressive.

"It's so big," she said, in an awe-struck voice. "There were a lot of books in there."

Rachel Cosgray was among the School of Education students who led tours and activities. She said the day gave education majors practice developing meaningful learning activities and interacting with young children.

She thinks it is a good idea for young students to visit campus.

"This helps them get a real picture of what they're aiming for in the future," she said. "It gives them a reason to do well in school, so they can reach their goals."

Indiana University Kokomo serves north central Indiana.

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