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Student Government Association enhances campus life

April 3, 2012
KOKOMO, Ind. - Twice per month, a group of students at Indiana University Kokomo sit down and discuss ways to improve the campus. They sponsor events, handle complaints, but most of all, they do their best to serve the student body and improve campus life. This group is the Student Government Association (SGA).Members of the Student Government AssociationMembers of the Student Government Association

Some may think, "What does the student government actually do?" Their work is endless.

The student government's main priority is to be student leaders on campus. They are responsible for budgeting other student organizations year-round, they sponsor food giveaways during Welcome Week of each spring and fall semester, and they serve on various committees with the campus' best interest in mind.

"I have been involved in SGA for almost three years, and I have loved every minute of it," said Jordan Ousley, student body vice president. "I truly enjoy working for this campus and making it the best it can be."

In the past year, SGA has worked closely with the Food Service Committee to bring the new Coca-Cola machine to the cafeteria, the salad bar, the new sandwich options in the cooler, as well as other healthy options to the menu. The campus can also look forward to new vending machines in the main building in the fall. These machines will offer healthier meals, salads, sandwiches, and wraps.

They have also worked closely with staff administration in funding and constructing the new outdoor basketball and volleyball courts on campus, along with playing a role in the addition of sports teams.

"It's very important that SGA members have open communication and close relationships with faculty, staff, and administration," said Nida Zia, previous student body president and current graduate student.

Lately, there has been much talk about the new Wellness and Fitness Center coming to campus, and SGA has helped move this process along as well. However, they have been working with the Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance Roy Tamir to implement a cardio room in the Kelley Student Center. This room will include treadmills, elliptical machines, and stationary exercise bikes. The campus can look forward to utilizing them in the next few months.

"The new cardio room in the Kelley Center will be a great addition, and I'm looking forward to using it," said Jon Underwood, current senator and student finance committee chairperson. "I hope the campus enjoys it as well."

SGA's current project is establishing a Cougar Card, which will serve as an ID card and allow students to use it for food, books, and other campus needs. They are also working on ways to increase the hours that campus is open, as well as having the library and cafeteria open longer each day.

"I am very proud of the work our student government continues to do," Dean of Students and SGA Faculty Advisor Sarah Sarber said. "I hope more students continue to get involved and be a part of the great things to come."

The officers for the 2012-2013 school year have been chosen, and this new group will assume their roles starting in June 2012. New members include: Student Body President Jeremy Gibson, Student Body Vice President Jordan Ousley, Student Union Board Director Lorie Blunck, and Student Athletics and Wellness Board Director Brian Arwood. Gibson, Ousley, and Arwood will each serve their positions for the second year in a row, while Blunck is new to the executive branch. Senators include Hollie Boyles, Vanessa Dove, Mary Olk, Kristianna Upchurch, and Danika Smith.

The senate seats 12 people per year so there is an opportunity for 7 new senators to be appointed. If you are interested in serving on SGA for the next school year, you may print a copy of the application form here http://www.iuk.edu/campus-life/assets/pdf/IUKSGA%20Application%202012.pdf, or you can pick one up in the Student Activities Office.

For any questions or concerns regarding the Student Government Association, contact Student Body President Jeremy Gibson, gibsonje@iuk.edu or Student Body Vice President Jordan Ousley, jtousley@iuk.edu.

Story by Mary Olk. Mary is a student writer for the Office of Media & Marketing.

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