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How have the events of September 11, 2001, affected you?

September 10, 2011


911RussellMueller“I was so young at the time. I didn’t really know what to think of it. I was just a normal kid and all of a sudden I hear of this huge event and I really can’t grasp the meaning of it. You know it’s important. You know it’s something that’s going to affect our country, but when you’re young you don’t really know what it means. Thousands of people die in a single instant. It’s hard to grasp that. But it’s made me more patriotic and more aware of the world. When that happened, it kind of opened my eyes to the people out there who have issues with us.”-- Russell Mueller, Junior

911TaliHarris“I have a lot of respect for the American nation and how we have pulled through it, from the firefighters in New York City to Mayor Giuliani. Every single story has affected me in an emotional way.”-- Tali Harris, Nursing Lecturer

911AdamBlazek“I joined the military. I thought it would be nice to be able to give back to my country.  I went to war in Iraq for 15 months. Not only did 9/11 change who I was as a person, but going into the military and being called to serve overseas really changed me as well.”--Adam Blazek, Junior

911KyleePitner“It seems like it has made everybody, including me, a little bit more cautious about everything. We’re a little bit more leery about where we are and what we’re doing with everybody.” -- Kylee Pitner, Bookstore Staff

911EthenAtkisson“I’m definitely more patriotic. I feel like that’s how everyone is now.  I’m definitely more supportive of the troops.”-- Ethen Atkisson, Freshman

911CherylCurrens“It makes be more conscious of what is happening around me and the fact that I could be in jeopardy at any moment.”-- Cheryl Currens, Assistant Director of Advancement

911MarjorieSchaeffner“How has it not affected everybody since then? Everything in the world changed when that happened. You can see it, not just in airport security, but security in general. You can’t make jokes about anything anymore. There’s that real fear that somebody might actually come up and arrest you for it. The whole country kind of lost their sense of humor.”-- Marjorie Schaeffner, Graduate Student

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