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Honors program provides additional learning, instruction for students

December 15, 2010

KOKOMO, Ind. – Rachel Marschand has a passion for learning. A junior majoring in biology, she decided to take her education to the next level and enroll in the Honors Program at Indiana University Kokomo.

“I really enjoy being challenged. I signed up for honors classes hoping to expand my horizons,” Marschand said. “We delve deeper into the course material and there is more time for discussion, deep thought, and open-mindedness.”

Marschand received a letter informing her she was eligible. It was up to her to take the initiative. I

“One of the best things about honors is being with like-minded people. Plus there are fewer students and it gives us a chance to really connect and get to know each other,” Marschand said.

Students enrolled in the Honors Program take two honors-specific colloquium courses and three regular courses with colloquia courses that can include varied, unique assignments as assigned by the professor.

“The Honors Program is a perfect example of how Indiana University Kokomo strives to provide the best possible opportunities for our students and ensure success and degree retention,” said Chancellor Michael Harris. “Academic excellence and student success are at the heart of our enterprise. We are on the move to create a learning environment that engages learners, that supports high standards, and motivates independent learning.”

The honors program provides unique educational and cultural opportunities to foster intellectual curiosity among bright, highly motivated, and creative students. In the program, gifted students enroll in specially designed courses and participate in activities that enhance their appreciation of human nature and society and challenge them to reach the limits of their potential.

“The Honors Program is not just a program at IU Kokomo but is an opportunity to have unique experiences, be a part of a dynamic group, and achieve on a higher intellectual level,” said Joe Keener, assistant professor of English and director of the Honors Program.

For more eligibility requirements and more information on the Honors Program, contact Keener at (765) 455-9372, or by e-mail keenerj@iuk.edu.

Indiana University Kokomo serves north central Indiana.

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