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The Big Move - August 2010

August 6, 2010
Dear Campus Family,

I am writing to thank you for the enormous amount of hard work, commitment and incredible outpouring of support during "the Big Move."  Those who moved worked exceptionally hard to make it possible and adjusted to a new reality; for that I express deep gratitude. We are all located in a manner that is more functional and better meets our needs.

 The physical plant staff went above and beyond. The amazing work and dedication of Cheryl Small, Dave Hawkins, Lucien Madding, Rob Helms, Will Mills, and Anthony Northington along with the leadership and coordination by Charlie and Tara got those who moved into their new offices in a smooth, productive manner and in record time. It was very impressive. Our IT staff, Spencer Baker and Jessica Hawkins de-installed the computers, Weston Bridgewater and Mike Lynch installed the computers, and Greg Winn was always there when needed. Michael Morgan from UITS, Deb Burns and Shirley Sellers got all the phones reprogrammed. And a big thank you to Carl Pennington. Also thank you to Kim Biehunik-Justiss, Kat Stremiecki, Bev Ringeisen and Sarah Sarber for helping to serve up a great pizza lunch. Special gratitude to Tim Sehr and Beth Van Gordon for their leadership. A big thanks also to Guyer Moving and Storage for all their time and help.

I also want to thank all those who did not move and helped others unpack and unload. A special thank you to Student Affairs staff that provided the wonderful baking.

I appreciate and respect the commitment, hard work and dedication on our campus.  I am extremely optimistic about the future as I believe we are entering an exceptional time where we will see growth and transformation. This move proves that working together we will ensure IU Kokomo's journey to an incredibly bright future for the benefit of North Central Indiana.  

Thanks to all for a job well done. View "the Big Move" at:


To Our Future!


Michael Harris, Ph.D.

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