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Thank you Welcome - July 2010

July 9, 2010

Dear Faculty and Staff:

I am writing to thank you for the warm welcome I have received since my arrival on July 1. I have spent my first few days meeting many of you and touring the campus facilities. For those of you away from campus, I look forward to meeting you when you return.

As the new chancellor, I have quickly learned that IU Kokomo is a special place. We provide an Indiana University degree close to home, in a supportive, engaging campus environment. I am very proud to be a graduate of IU. I know you were especially proud as you celebrated the 10,000th graduate at commencement.

My goals in the next several weeks are to learn as much as I can, to understand the campus' strengths and challenges, to help you get to know me, and to meet as many campus and community constituents as possible.

I appreciate and respect the good work that has provided the foundation for academic excellence on this campus. I am extremely optimistic about the future as I believe we are entering an exceptional time where we will see tremendous growth. I ask you to partner with me as we begin this journey together. You will find that I am a forward looking leader who values faculty, staff, students and community partners. I know together we will continue to move the campus from Good to Great.

Finally, I want to share a decision that I have made in consultation with the cabinet. I will be implementing some physical changes on campus. As you know, Hunt Hall is our premier, award-winning facility that provides a spectacular image of the campus. It mirrors academic excellence, with its state-of-the art science equipment and laboratories. Thus, I am moving my office to that building so that I can showcase our excellence as visitors come to campus. External Relations, Communication & Marketing, and Alumni Relations will move to the first floor of the main building into the current administrative offices so they are accessible to the public as they enter the main building. The Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and the Chief Information Officer will move upstairs to the second floor of the main building (the former External Relations offices) so that everyone can be in close proximity as they work together. The Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance will move into an office close to Human Resources.

These physical changes I hope will signal our need to recognize that change is constant and that together we will move forward and respond to the rapidly changing local and global environment. As we look back over time, I know we will take pride in the physical growth and the growth and development of our programs that provide opportunities for student success and community enhancement.


Michael Harris, Ph.D.
Chancellor and Professor of Public and Environmental
Affairs, Business and Education

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